On & Offline Advertising

Tell us your objective and we will design a customized action plan. We optimize your resources to achieve your purpose, whether it is to attract new customers, launch a new product, make your brand known, organize an event, increase sales or whatever you need.

We study your case in detail, we propose the appropriate distribution channels to impact your target, we plan, create and adapt each of the ads so that your campaign reaches the desired objectives.
Servicios de publicidad on & offline
servicios de marketing digital

Digital Marketing

Boost your online business through the integration of all the tools offered by our digital marketing service.

We optimize your customer acquisition strategy through SEM campaigns; we analyze, optimize and position your website; we share your best stories on social networks; we bring brand value to your target audience with quality content and we measure all the results so you can track all the actions.

Kolador offers you a customized digital marketing strategy to achieve your goals. We establish a roadmap that includes a planning phase, followed by an execution of the planned actions and, finally, we measure results to further optimize the entire process.

Social media

Making intelligent use of social networks is an essential strategy to give your company or brand personality. It allows you to have a fluid and direct communication with your followers, attract new customers, interact with them, generate interest and provide added value through creative content.

To get the most out of your social networks, we plan each step according to your needs. We determine objectives to achieve, define the target audience, choose the most appropriate platforms to impact, plan and create quality content based on their interests. You will receive detailed results with the evolution and growth improvements of each social media channel on a regular basis.
servicios de social media
servicios de diseño y estrategia de marca


A powerful brand is the key for your customers to differentiate you from your competitors, regardless of your size, economic value or sector of activity. At Kolador we offer a coherent brand strategy service capable of overcoming the challenges you face on a daily basis, with a solid foundation but with enough flexibility to adapt and evolve in changing environments that facilitate the connection with your audiences.

We help you to increase the value of your brand, starting with actions that increase brand loyalty, increase brand awareness, strengthen brand association to its main attributes and raise customer perception of the quality of the brand.

User experience

Improving the level of usability and user experience on your website or mobile app helps to increase conversions, reduce cart abandonment rate or improve user satisfaction to ultimately increase the revenue of your online store.

Through the use of web analytics tools, audits, usability tests or heat maps among others, we investigate the behavior of users on your website and then propose and implement actions to improve performance.
servicios de experiencia de usuario
servicios de desarrollo de aplicaciones

App development

The mobile application is the perfect tool to improve the attraction and loyalty of your customers, maintain a direct relationship with them, create community, offer facilities to interact with your brand or product and increase sales.

We are experts in developing a strategic, intuitive and functional UX/UI to meet your needs and those of the user, adapting the application to the main app stores and offering the most innovative features such as augmented reality or virtual reality integrated into the app itself. We develop each mobile app to measure, taking into account the needs of your business to obtain a unique result in each case.

Web site development

We have experience in the development of corporate websites, online stores, landings for customer acquisition or product presentation. Tell us your needs and we will take care of the rest.

We create custom websites with an elegant design, creative content and optimal navigation to ensure that the user experience is effective and satisfactory: we want to convert visits into achievement of objectives.

When we create a website we do not forget the factors that influence a good position in search engines, considering the necessary structure, the main keywords, responsive design adapted to any device, fast loading speed or secure connection protocol for users among other aspects.
servicio de desarrollo de páginas web
aplicaciones de realidad virtual y aumentada

Augmented & virtual reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality give users the possibility of exploring real scenarios without the need to move from their homes. Today, technological advances in this sector have managed to blur the boundaries between real and virtual environments, achieving a level of immersion that offers great possibilities for the business, cultural, entertainment or health-related sectors.

Virtual reality applications cover more and more areas and sectors. Just like our computers or smartphones, virtual reality offers both professional and recreational possibilities.

Virtual reality is causing a transformation in all sectors. This new technology offers hitherto unseen resources for companies. Taking advantage of these benefits as soon as possible can make the difference with the competition.

Design and modeling for 3D printing

In Kolador of creative ideas, we offer the service of design and artistic and industrial modeling and rendering and its subsequent preparation for 3D printing.

Starting from an image, physical piece, plan or simply from an idea that you present to us, our team can make a final design in 3D. We will make the virtual model by computer, being in continuous communication with you. Only in this way we can ensure the fidelity of the 3D design with respect to the result you expected. Once the project is completed, we can provide you with the result in various file formats: IGS, STEP, OBJ or STL for subsequent 3D printing.

3D Architecture

The world is changing. We face new challenges every day. We use our ingenuity and new technologies to overcome them. In the Kolador of creative ideas we accompany our clients in a simple way with the security provided by our extensive multidisciplinary experience.

We use the latest technologies to expand the information provided by real experiences, which in turn are completed with creations in three dimensions, virtual reality and augmented reality, offering a new experience to users and giving value to the product or service.

We create virtual and interactive environments and make them accessible through any platform, from virtual reality glasses, personal computers, tablets or smartphones.

We also offer in the same project the services of: 3D rendering and computer graphics, 3D animation, interactive catalog, and 3D interior design.
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